Why does Riskified’s guarantee exclude package rerouting? How can I remain protected?

Fraudsters often provide a legitimate shipping address when placing an order, then try to change the delivery address once the parcel is on its way. Our approval is based, among other data points, on the shipping address provided at the time of order review. For this reason, we do not guarantee chargebacks obtained as a result of package rerouting.

Below, are two steps you can take to stay protected from fraud-related chargebacks:

1. It is becoming more common for fraudsters to take advantage of services that enable customers to reroute packages using the tracking number – without the merchant’s knowledge.

Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting your shipping company to disable package rerouting.
As some shipping companies don’t allow this change to be made online, it may be best to contact your account manager directly.

2. Please ensure your shipping company provides you with a ‘Proof Of Delivery’ document and does not deliver packages to anywhere but the original shipping address. We ask for this document as part of the chargeback reimbursement process.