What plans does Riskified offer?

Riskified offers two types of plans – Shop Protection, and Select & Submit.

Under the Shop Protection Plan, all incoming orders are automatically submitted to Riskified for review.This plan outsources the entire risk management process to us, saving time and effectively shifting all fraud liability from the merchant to Riskified.

Under the Select & Submit Plan, you manually select orders to submit to Riskified.

We also offer tailored plans depending on the individual needs of our clients.

How do I change submission plans? Will I be charged?

Switching plans is as easy as clicking a button. Click on the “Settings” button on the bottom left side of your account, and then click the button next to the plan you would like to switch to. Your switch takes effect immediately. As soon as you change your selection, we will begin reviewing orders that fall under the new parameters.

If I’m on the Shop Protection or another automatic submission plan, can I choose not to submit specific customer orders?

Riskified excludes specific payment methods that cannot incur chargebacks (e.g. Bitcoin or Cash on Delivery). In addition, in some cases, depending on merchant needs and sales volume, it is possible to set up custom submission filters. For a full list of the submission filters applied to your account or to change your filter settings, please contact your account manager or support@riskified.com