Why was my order not automatically submitted for review?

Riskified excludes specific payment methods that cannot incur chargebacks (e.g. Bitcoin or Cash on Delivery). In addition, in some cases, depending on merchant needs and sales volume, it is possible to set up custom submission filters. For a full list of the submission filters applied to your account or to change your filter settings, please contact your account manager or support@riskified.com.

How do I submit an order for review?

Submitting an order is a straightforward process. It can be done using the Submit API endpoint, using your platform integration, or manually within your Riskified account.

How does Riskified notify me of a decision?

Riskified uses your notification endpoint to advise you of order decisions. Learn more about setting a notification endpoint here.
If you would like to receive decision notifications via email, please set your notification settings accordingly.
Learn more about these settings here.

You can also search for a specific order in your Riskified account anytime.