What kind of orders can I submit to Riskified?

Riskified can review all online orders, either placed using a credit card, PayPal, or any other payment method. Orders with payment methods that cannot incur a chargeback should not be submitted for review (e.g. Bitcoin, Cash on Delivery.)

How does Riskified decide whether an order is fraudulent or not?

Riskified reviews every submitted order using machine learning models and proprietary analytical tools. Our algorithms consider data including: the customer details, proxy detection, IP and geolocation, device and browser fingerprinting, and behavioral data. This information is then checked against millions of other orders to determine a risk profile.

Can I fulfill a declined order without Riskified’s guarantee?

Merchants who do not automatically void payments for declined orders: If you are confident an order is safe, you can decide to fulfill it without Riskified’s guarantee.


Merchants who automatically void payments for declined orders: Since your integration is set to void each order Riskified declines, you are technically unable to fulfill a declined order. If required, Riskified offers a delayed notifications feature. This provides a time-window between Riskified’s decline and cancellation of the order for you to fulfill the order without Riskified’s guarantee.
If you’re interested in this feature, either contact your Riskified account manager or support@riskified.com