What does Riskified’s chargeback guarantee cover?

We cover all chargebacks related to unauthorized card usage or stolen financial information. This includes the order amount, shipping costs, and Riskified’s approval fee.

We do not cover chargebacks for reasons such as “item not received” or “item not as described,” as they are not related to unauthorized credit card usage.

Why does Riskified’s guarantee exclude package rerouting? How can I remain protected?

Fraudsters often provide a legitimate shipping address when placing an order, then try to change the delivery address once the parcel is on its way. Our approval is based, among other data points, on the shipping address provided at the time of order review. For this reason, we do not guarantee chargebacks obtained as a result of package rerouting.

Below, are two steps you can take to stay protected from fraud-related chargebacks:

1. It is becoming more common for fraudsters to take advantage of services that enable customers to reroute packages using the tracking number – without the merchant’s knowledge.

Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting your shipping company to disable package rerouting.
As some shipping companies don’t allow this change to be made online, it may be best to contact your account manager directly.

2. Please ensure your shipping company provides you with a ‘Proof Of Delivery’ document and does not deliver packages to anywhere but the original shipping address. We ask for this document as part of the chargeback reimbursement process.

What should I do if the customer asks to change the delivery address after Riskified approved the order? Is the order still guaranteed?

If a customer contacts you before the item has shipped and requests that you change the delivery address, please notify us by sending the new address. We will re-review the order with the new information free of charge. If you do not notify us before it has shipped, we’ll be unable to guarantee any chargeback obtained as a result of the change in shipping address.

We also advise you to let us know of any crucial change in the order details, such as email address or order amount, as this may have an impact on our risk assessment.

If an order is approved by Riskified, but doesn’t ship, will Riskified refund its approval fee?

Yes. Within a limited time-frame Riskified will reimburse you for the entire fee (for unfulfilled orders) or the relative amount (for partial refunds). There are 2 ways of cancelling an order and requesting a refund for the fee:

1. Automatically – if you’ve implemented Riskified Cancel or Refund endpoints in your API integration, Riskified will automatically reimburse you for each order cancelled or refunded within your permitted time-frame.
* If you are using Shopify or Magento to integrate with Riskified, this should happen automatically.

If for some reason there is an issue with the automatic refund process, contact integrations@riskified.com for assistance.


2. Manually – Within your permitted time-frame, you can manually request a refund for an unfulfilled order or item in your Riskified account.
To receive an approval fee refund manually, follow these steps:
1. Click the ‘request a refund’ button within the cancelled order.
2. Select the refund reason.
3. Riskified will immediately refund your account with the approval fee.

What are the fees for the different plans?

Riskified’s pricing is performance-based, meaning you only pay for orders we approve.
We charge a percentage of the value of the approved transaction.

As we offer a tailored solution to meet your needs, pricing depends on your sales volume and how you plan to use our solution, taking into account your industry and unique risk profile.

To receive a custom quote, complete the form on our Pricing page.

How do I submit an order for review?

Submitting an order is a straightforward process. It can be done using the Submit API endpoint, using your platform integration, or manually within your Riskified account.

Does Riskified have any platform extensions?

We have extensions available for the Magento & Shopify Ecommerce platforms. If you’re not using one of these, Riskified is available to all merchants through our API Integration.

To sign up for Riskified, please fill this form on our website.